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Different Stencil Material Available

We do Mylar (white standard) stencils and green sticky stencils.

By default the selection will be on Mylar stencil, if you want green sticky stencil please contact us directly.

Dot art stencils will be on green sticky stencil by default.
Storage: Flip files works great to keep all your stencils organized.

How to apply Tear Resistance Decoupage Tissue Paper

Ensure your surface is clean from dust and oils

Measure and cut your tissue paper to size

Apply decoupage or sealer of your choice to the surface

Lay tissue paper flat and start from the center to smooth out, take care of any bubbles or wrinkles. Let it dry. 

Tear resistance tissue paper can be repositioned if needed.

Apply two coats of sealer on top.

Tear resistance tissue paper can be apply indoor and outdoor.

Do we do custom orders?

A: Yes, sure we do on all our items.

Please feel free to contact us for your custom items.

Do we have more stencils then what is on the site?

A: Yes, a lot more. For a full catalog please contact us.

Why do I have to wait for my order?

A: All items are made per order. We do our best to have order ready for courier in 5 working days.

In the case were that is not possible we will communicate with you.


We courier anywhere in South Africa.

You can choose between Courier Guys and Paxi (PEP)

We take most care in packing your order so that it will reach you without any damages.

However, we can not take responsibility for damage by the courier company.

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